Hartshare Veggie Box FAQ’s

We deliver to Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Stratford, New Hamburg, Wellesley, and Baden Ontario. Farm pickup is also available if you are not in our delivery areas. (Our farm is located just outside New Hamburg, Ont)

Not a problem! You absolutely can skip a week. Just let us know at least 1 week in advance (or 2, if possible). We’ll make sure that we have extra veggies for you in the future.

Alternately, you could arrange for a friend to take your veggies for a week. If your friend is in our delivery area, we could even deliver to their door. Just contact us ahead of time ( :

For the first few weeks in the spring, expect lots of greens supplemented with root veggies from storage. As the season gets underway, we’ll have fresh beets, turnips, and carrots with tops, and peas, followed by summer veggies such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers (peppers usually aren’t until late July/early August).

We always try to have a good mix to choose from.

We accept E-transfer as well as all major debit and credit cards on our website. If you would prefer to pay via cash or cheque, please contact us in advance. Please note that your veggie box membership will not be reserved until payment is received (either full payment or your first payment if you choose a payment plan).

Your veggies will arrive packed in an insulated cooler bag (except for your very last delivery day, when they will be packed in paper bags or cardboard boxes). So if you are just going to be away for a short time, they should be fine.

However, on a hot day or if you will be away more than 1 hour, just leave a cooler (or a rubbermaid tub with ice and a towel) out on your porch/by your door/ etc.  And add a note to your order letting the delivery folks know where it is (there’s a box for special notes on the checkout page).   Please note that we cannot be responsible for your share after it is delivered.

If you have to cancel your veggie box membership, please let us know 2 weeks in advance if possible. We can provide you with a refund for the delivery weeks that you have paid for but have not yet passed.

Unless there is complete devastation, the answer is yes. To reduce this risk, we also source from other local farmers. There won’t be the same variety to choose from, but we’ll make sure that you get something.

We do have some terms and conditions to keep us all on the same page. Please read them carefully before you sign up. Here they are:

I agree to the following terms and conditions of Green Hart Farms’ Veggie Box Program (CSA):

  • I understand that all important veggie box information and farm updates will be sent via email to the email address I have provided. It is my responsibility to read these emails (and to check my spam/junk/promos tab then notify Green Hart Farms if I have not been receiving them).
  • I understand that I will need to place a veggie order within the ordering window for my area before each veggie delivery. Otherwise I will not receive veggies that week. (You will receive detailed instructions on placing your veggie order prior to the first week- it’s not hard). If I have trouble placing my order, I’ll contact my farmers for help. When placing my veggie order, I am aware that higher demand items will ‘sell out’. (Although there will always be other produce available during the ordering window)
  • I recognise that my account on Green Hart Farms’ website will be loaded with points to use for veggies prior to the first veggie delivery of the season, and that all left over points expire after the final Spring/Summer delivery in September, UNLESS I choose to purchase a Fall membership if available, in which case my points will be added on to the fall. It is my responsibility to use up my points. All Fall points expire after the final delivery week in November.
  • I recognise that Green Hart Farms cannot be responsible for my veggies after they are delivered.
  • I understand that if I choose the payment plan option, my credit card will be automatically billed on or just before the payment due dates. Payment plans are 5% more than paying in full up front to cover payment processing fees and software.
  • When joining this Veggie Box Program, I agree to accept the fact that with natural systems, there can never be guarantees, and I accept that risk. This may involve a delayed start to the season, or less variety of produce available. Or in extreme cases, a total wipe out of crops resulting in produce being brought in from other farms if possible. I recognise that some of the items on the projected harvest chart/list of produce may not be available to the above or other circumstances, and that some harvests may occur earlier or later than planned.
  • If any of the veggies received in my delivery have quality issues, I will contact my farmers within 24 hours so that credit can be applied to my account for that item. Should I be dissatisfied with my experience as a whole, I will communicate that to my farmers so that they can try to address it. If I am still not satisfied, I will contact Green Hart Farms again to arrange a refund on a pro-rated basis. I recognise that refunds will NOT be given for delivery weeks that have already passed, regardless of whether or not I have ordered vegetables for those weeks- Unless there have been quality issues, issues with delivery, or software issues making it difficult to order that I have notified my farmers about.
  • Should I need to cancel my membership, I’ll notify Green Hart Farms two weeks in advance if possible. I recognise that:
    • Refunds will NOT be given for delivery weeks that have already passed regardless of whether or not I have ordered veggies for those weeks. If I have used more points than the total that would be allotted to the weeks I have ordered, my refund will be reduced accordingly, however I will not be refunded for points that should have been used.
    • There is a $20 cancellation fee for memberships cancelled after deliveries have begun. (With exception to cancellations due to extreme circumstances)
  • I understand that the cooler bag my veggie delivery comes in remain property of Green Hart Farms, and agree to put them out for the delivery driver to pick up when he/she comes with my next delivery or otherwise ensure that they are returned to the farm. I am responsible for making sure these bags are returned. There is a $15 fee for each non-returned bag. (These bags are custom printed and can take a long time from when we order them to when we get them).

Garden Ready Plants + Farmstand FAQ’s


Yes, we do. If your plant dies within two weeks after you picked it up, and it’s death has nothing to do with critters, neglect, or flooding come back and choose another of equal value to replace it.

While we’re not certified organic, we don’t use chemical sprays on our plants and we steer clear of GMO seeds. The potting soil we use is organic.

At this time, we are not set up to deliver plants. But we do offer contact-less pickup at the farm (in May, when the plants are ready) We will email you with pick up dates and times in May. Our main plant sale and plant pick up day is planned for Saturday May 18, 2024. If you can’t make it to pick up your plants then, we will have other options available.

If you can’t make it out to any of the pickup days to get your plants, you are welcome to send a friend instead- or contact us to arrange a different time for you to come out.

We’re just outside New Hamburg Ont, so about 20 min from K-W, 5 min from New Hamburg, and 20 min from Stratford. Our address is 1659 Line 41 New Hamburg

The online farm stand opens in May and runs until October.

Still have questions?

Give us a shout and we’ll help you out.