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  • PLANT: Hot Pepper-Orange Habanero


    Not for the faint of heart!  These little fire bombs rank 100,000 to 350,00 SHU’s on the scoville heat scale.  Habanero peppers start out lime green, then ripen to fiery orange, then to red.  They require lots of heat, and take a little longer to mature than most other peppers at 90-100 days from transplant.  Plant in full sun, in well drained, fertile soil.   Do not plant with brassicas, beans, or fennel

  • PLANT: Jalapeno Pepper


    These plants grow to about 2′ tall and can be planted in large containers.  The peppers are moderately hot, and are great for adding a bit of spice to salsas, dips, and sauces.

    Peppers start out green, then turn red.

    Plant in full sun, in fertile, well drained soil.

  • PLANT: Eggplant-Millionaire


    Medium sized upright plants can be grown in containers. This variety is one of the best long oriental types tested by William Dam seeds.  The fruits can get up to 11 inches long!

    Eggplants thrive in hot conditions.  Plant them in fertile, well drained soil in full sun.

    Be sure to protect from frost.



  • PLANT: Heirloom Sweet Pepper-Cal Wonder


    These plants grow up to 30″ tall and produce heavy yields of large, 4 lobed sweet peppers with thick walls.  Peppers start out green, then turn red and can be harvested at either stage.  They are sweetest after they have turned red.

    Plant in fertile, well drained soil in full sun.


  • PLANT: Sweet Pepper-Golden Calwonder


    Vigourous 18-24in plants produce plenty of large, blocky golden sweet peppers.  These start out green, then change to a deep yellow.  Peppers like plenty of heat and fertility, so plant them in full sun and feed them well. You can also grow them in a 5-gallon container.  To avoid calcium deficiency, even watering is key.