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  • PLANT: Eggplant-Black King


    Early producing eggplant with extra large, dark fruits on medium plants. Plant in full sun, in well drained, fertile soil.

  • PLANT: Tomato-Golden Queen (Heirloom)


    Also known as ‘Jubilee’, this tomato was introduced in the early 1880’s.  It bears yellow fruits which are low in acid compared to red tomatoes.  Fruits have a very mild, pleasing flavour.

    Indeterminate plants will require trellising or caging.

    Plant in full sun, in fertile, well-drained soil.

  • PLANT: Tomato-Costuluto Genovese


    An Italian variety (can you tell by the name?) which bears large, sandwich sized deep red tomatoes.  Excellent flavour, with more meatiness than other varieties.  Good for canning, juicing, and sauces. These are indeterminate plants, so they’ll need to be trellised, staked, or caged.  Plant in full sun, in fertile well drained soil.  (4-in pots)

  • PLANT: Tomato- Brandywine (heirloom)


    This is one of the most famous heirlooms.  These indeterminate plants produce large, pinkish red tomatoes with an exotic, sweet flavour. You’ll need to stake or cage these! 78 days from transplant

  • PLANT: Tomato-Black Cherry/Chocolate Cherry (heirloom)


    Another one of our favourites! This heirloom produces plenty of deep purple fruit which are resistant to cracking. The tomatoes are about 1/2 oz, and have an incredible sweet, complex flavour.

    It’s got an indeterminate growing habit, so you’ll need to trellis/stake or cage it.  Expect ripe tomatoes around 65 days after transplanting.  Instead of having 1 short harvest window, they produce over several months- as long as the plant is healthy.