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  • PLANT: Pole Bean-Scarlet Runner


    A beautiful plant that not only attracts pollinators, but also yields tender 12” long green beans.  You’ll need to support this runner bean, either on trellising or stakes, as it tends to sprawl.  Develops pretty deep red flowers. It’s fun to grow with children .  

  • PLANT: Tomato- Mountain Merit (Blight Resistant!)


    If your tomatoes keep getting wiped out by late blight, here’s a variety for you!  Mountain merit is a late blight resistant variety that produces medium to large beefsteak type tomatoes.   And it’s also a compact plant, so you’ll be able to grow it in smaller spaces or in containers!  Expect to harvest around 75 days from transplant.

  • PLANT: Marigold-Mixed Dwarf French


    6-packA stunning mixture of yellow, orange, red and variegated marigolds.  Small plants only grow to about 12” tall. Plant them around the garden to kill nematodes and repel white flies, but avoid planting near beans.  These grow well in pots, window boxes, and other containers.  Will bloom right until frost if deadheaded.

    (large 6 packs)

  • PLANT: Tomato-Sweet Million


    One of our favorite varieties to grow!  This indeterminate (viney) plant bears loads of super sweet, red cherry tomatoes.  Unlike many older varieties, sweet million tomatoes are crack resistant. As a result, they will stand for much longer after harvest, and still taste great.

    You’ll want to cage or trellis these plants. . . .they will take over the garden given the chance!