PLANT: Pansy- Mixed (Large blooms)


These pansies have enormous, edible, flat blooms on vigourous compact plants.  Technically pansies are a perennial, but they are mostly grown in our climate as a cold hardy annual.  Grow them in pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, or as mass plantings in the garden. (grown in organic soil from 2 leaf stage (baby plant)-started in non-organic soil)

4-inch Pot

4 inch pots are 4inches in diameter measured across the top. Plants in 4 inch pots are larger and have more roots than those in 4 packs.  Generally there is 1 plant per pot.


Packs of 4 plants, generally 1 plant per cell (sometimes there are 2 plants/cell).

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4 inch pot, 4-Pack