PLANT: Tomato- Tiny Tim (Heirloom)


This is the best heirloom tomato we know of for growing in pots!  The plants only grow up to about 1-2 ft tall (hence ‘tiny’), and are just loaded with bright red mini cherry tomatoes about 1in in diameter.  They also ripen earlier than most other heirloom varieties at around 55 days from transplanting.  No trellising/ staking required- although they can still benefit from cages.  Expect alot of the fruit to ripen at the same time. 4 inch pots

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4-inch Pot

4 inch pots are 4inches in diameter measured across the top. Plants in 4 inch pots are larger and have more roots than those in 4 packs.  Generally there is 1 plant per pot.


Packs of 4 plants, generally 1 plant per cell (sometimes there are 2 plants/cell).

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4 inch pot