What to look for when selecting acorn squashes

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If you plan to store them awhile look for fruits with the woody stem still on and skin without any cuts or major blemishes. Avoid fruit with soft spots. The toughness of the outer skin or rind makes the squash more storable.

However, that tough rind can also make acorn squash, especially, a little more challenging to peel. After all, it not only has a tough outer layer, it’s also ribbed.

Peeling Your Acorn Squash?

To make the task easier, here’s a video on how to safely cut and prepare acorn squash for roasting (It’s short, just under 4 minutes long.)

http://allrecipes.com/video/329/how-to-make-baked-acorn-squash/ (just click on the link to go there or copy the url into your browser)

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