Daikon Radishes

Winter Radishes – Here’s What You Need To Know

Cool fact: Radishes aren’t just for spring!

There is actually a special type of radishes meant for growing in the fall and early winter.

While much like spring radishes in flavour, they take about twice as long to grow and get much larger. Sturdier than the more delicate spring types, they’re great for cooking – roasted, sliced and fried in a pan, shredded and even pickled.

The leafy tops are delicious tossed into soups, or added to omelettes or stir fries.

Which Winter Radishes Are We Growing This Year?

This fall we have three varieties growing here on the farm – a large red German Salad Radish, a White Japanese Daikon and ‘White Dream’ Radish. All three of these are sometimes referred to as Daikons.

Daikon is Japanese for “big root”… and some of these really can get quite large, up to 4” diameter and over 20” long. We aim to harvest them at about 1/3 that size.

And in case you’re wondering, we taste-tested the three varieties and found them to be similar in flavour, with ‘White Dream” being a bit milder… when raw at least. Cooking mellows the flavour.

Here’s How You Can Use Them

Either grated or sliced thinly they’re a crunchy addition to salads. Or try roasting them along with some other autumn root vegetables for a colourful mix. 

Slice them up thin and fry with onions and bacon and serve alongside fried eggs for breakfast.

The radish tops are lovely in soup. Here’s recipe for Radish Greens-Potato Soup to get started.

Or if you’re looking to prepare a quick snack, give this Radish Spread a try.

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