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plant pre-sale+Spring Celebration!

The party starts in:


How It Works:

At this point, our 2022 annual plant/seedling sale will be a blend of online and in-person, similar to 2020 and 2021. For early access and updates, get your invitation to our pre-sale. Here’s how it works:

Order Online.

Get your invitation to our Plant-Presale for early access, exclusive bonuses, and first dibs on our plants.

Pick Up at the Farm.

Pick up your plants on the designated pick up/sale days. Our farm is just outside New Hamburg. Plant pickup days are in May 2022

Help your garden to flourish with our garden-ready plants.

Harvest Earlier.

Our Garden Ready Plants have a 2-6 week head start, so you’ll be able to harvest earlier with proper care.

Feel Instant Gratification.

Nothing beats putting out your garden ready plants and looking back at a garden that wasn’t there mere hours ago.

Weed Less.

You’ll have less weeding because Garden-Ready plants will fill out faster. And they’ll be easier to find!

Save time.

Don’t have time to start your own tomato plants? Ours are all ready for your garden.

You need strong, healthy plants for an abundant harvest.

That’s why our plants are grown in organic potting soil, with organic fertilizers. And why most are in 4 inch pots for more root development. We’ve also got 4-paks for gardeners who would like more plants. Wondering what a 4-inch pot looks like? Here are our pot sizes.

We have almost every veggie seedling for your garden.

Here’s what we plan on growing for 2022- we’ll also have a variety list available later on.


Yes, we do. If your plant dies within two weeks after you picked it up, and it’s death has nothing to do with critters, neglect, or flooding come back and choose another of equal value to replace it.

While we’re not certified organic, we don’t use chemical sprays on our plants and we steer clear of GMO seeds. The potting soil we use is organic.

At this time, we are not set up to deliver plants. But we do offer contact-less pickup at the farm (in May, when the plants are ready) We will email you with pick up dates and times in May. Our main plant sale and plant pick up day is planned for Saturday May 18, 2024. If you can’t make it to pick up your plants then, we will have other options available.

If you can’t make it out to any of the pickup days to get your plants, you are welcome to send a friend instead- or contact us to arrange a different time for you to come out.

We’re just outside New Hamburg Ont, so about 20 min from K-W, 5 min from New Hamburg, and 20 min from Stratford. Our address is 1659 Line 41 New Hamburg

The online farm stand opens in May and runs until October.