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  • PLANT: Pole Bean-Scarlet Runner


    A beautiful plant that not only attracts pollinators, but also yields tender 12” long green beans.  You’ll need to support this runner bean, either on trellising or stakes, as it tends to sprawl.  Develops pretty deep red flowers. It’s fun to grow with children .  

  • PLANT: Pansy- Mixed (Large blooms)


    These pansies have enormous, edible, flat blooms on vigourous compact plants.  Technically pansies are a perennial, but they are mostly grown in our climate as a cold hardy annual.  Grow them in pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, or as mass plantings in the garden. (grown in organic soil from 2 leaf stage (baby plant)-started in non-organic soil)

  • PLANT: Marigold-Mixed Dwarf French


    6-packA stunning mixture of yellow, orange, red and variegated marigolds.  Small plants only grow to about 12” tall. Plant them around the garden to kill nematodes and repel white flies, but avoid planting near beans.  These grow well in pots, window boxes, and other containers.  Will bloom right until frost if deadheaded.

    (large 6 packs)

  • PLANT: Nasturtium-Mixed Dwarf (non trailing)


    Bright coloured flowers red, orange, and yellow flowers stand out on compact plants.  And guess what, the flowers are edible!  They have a bit of a peppery flavour, but not overly strong.  These will grow well in window boxes or other containers, or out in your garden.  While they prefer full sun, they can also do well in partial shade, although they will tend to spread out a bit more.  They’re also a great companion plant for your cucumbers, melons, radishes, and tomatoes. (4 inch pot)