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  • PLANT: Bush Beans-Green (4-pak)


    Beans are a rewarding, and easy to grow vegetable. Bush beans do not take much space, so they are perfect for containers or smaller gardens. No trellising required. Plant in full sun, in fertile, well drained soil.

  • Tomato-Patio Hybrid


    Here’s a variety perfect for container gardens or other confined spaces.  Even though the plants require little space, they still produce a plentiful crop of large, flavourful tomatoes.

  • PLANT: German Winter Thyme


    This hardy perennial has strongly flavoured leaves perfect for seasoning meats, soups and sauces.  It’s a good candidate for your kichen herb garden!  And once established, thyme requires little watering and fertilizing.  Plant in full sun.  Grows to 8-12 inches tall. (grown in organic soil from 2 leaf stage (baby plant)-started in non-organic soil)

  • PLANT: Parsley-Dark Green Italian


    This is a biennial herb grown as an annual, although it is quite cold hardy.  It’s large flat leaves are reputed to have a better flavour than many of the curly varieties.  Can be grown in pots on the kitchen windowsill, as well as out in your garden.  Easy to grow from a transplant (but more challenging from seed because of long germination period).

  • PLANT: Pansy- Mixed (Large blooms)


    These pansies have enormous, edible, flat blooms on vigourous compact plants.  Technically pansies are a perennial, but they are mostly grown in our climate as a cold hardy annual.  Grow them in pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, or as mass plantings in the garden. (grown in organic soil from 2 leaf stage (baby plant)-started in non-organic soil)

  • PLANT: Viola-Mixed Colours


    A stunning mix of beautiful, edible flowers!  The blooms have a very delicate wintergreen flavour, and are a colourful addition to salads or a garnish for deserts.  Unlike many annual flowers, violas thrive in partial shade as well as full sun.  They are also a perrennial, so they can overwinter and bloom again next year.  While older varieties bloom only in the spring/early summer, these bloom all summer long. . .almost right up until frost! (grown in organic soil from 2 leaf stage (baby plant)-started in non-organic soil)

  • PLANT: Tomato- Mountain Merit (Blight Resistant!)


    If your tomatoes keep getting wiped out by late blight, here’s a variety for you!  Mountain merit is a late blight resistant variety that produces medium to large beefsteak type tomatoes.   And it’s also a compact plant, so you’ll be able to grow it in smaller spaces or in containers!  Expect to harvest around 75 days from transplant.

  • PLANT: Marigold-Mixed Dwarf French


    A stunning mixture of yellow, orange, red and variegated marigolds.  Small plants only grow to about 12” tall. Plant them around the garden to kill nematodes and repel white flies, but avoid planting near beans.  These grow well in pots, window boxes, and other containers.  Will bloom right until frost if deadheaded.

    (large 6 packs)

  • PLANT: Jalapeno Pepper


    These plants grow to about 2′ tall and can be planted in large containers.  The peppers are moderately hot, and are great for adding a bit of spice to salsas, dips, and sauces.

    Peppers start out green, then turn red.

    Plant in full sun, in fertile, well drained soil.

  • PLANT: Eggplant-Millionaire


    Medium sized upright plants can be grown in containers. This variety is one of the best long oriental types tested by William Dam seeds.  The fruits can get up to 11 inches long!

    Eggplants thrive in hot conditions.  Plant them in fertile, well drained soil in full sun.

    Be sure to protect from frost.