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  • PLANT: Tomato-Golden Queen (Heirloom)


    Also known as ‘Jubilee’, this tomato was introduced in the early 1880’s.  It bears yellow fruits which are low in acid compared to red tomatoes.  Fruits have a very mild, pleasing flavour.

    Indeterminate plants will require trellising or caging.

    Plant in full sun, in fertile, well-drained soil.

  • PLANT: Tomato-San Marzano (Heirloom)


    A classic plum/paste tomato from Italy. Bears large meaty tomatoes with few seeds on viny plants. Requires trellising or staking. Grow in full sun.

  • PLANT: Squash-Early Butternut


    This AAS winner is one of the earliest producing butternut squashes available. Plus it has a fairly compact plant habit that won’t take over your entire garden.  Produces heavy yields of 10-12″ tan squashes.

    Plant in fertile well drained soil in full sun.

  • PLANT: Tomato-Sweet Million


    One of our favorite varieties to grow!  This indeterminate (viney) plant bears loads of super sweet, red cherry tomatoes.  Unlike many older varieties, sweet million tomatoes are crack resistant. As a result, they will stand for much longer after harvest, and still taste great.

    You’ll want to cage or trellis these plants. . . .they will take over the garden given the chance!