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  • PLANT: Tomato-Costuluto Genovese


    An Italian variety (can you tell by the name?) which bears large, sandwich sized deep red tomatoes.  Excellent flavour, with more meatiness than other varieties.  Good for canning, juicing, and sauces. These are indeterminate plants, so they’ll need to be trellised, staked, or caged.  Plant in full sun, in fertile well drained soil.  (4-in pots)

  • large zucchini

    PLANT: Zucchini-Dark Green


    Dark green fruits on large, bushy plants.  You don’t have to trellis zucchini plants, but they do take up quite a bit of space.  Allow at least 3 feet per a plant.  Pick fruits when they are 6-8 inches long for slicing or eating raw- or harvest monster zucchinis for stuffing!  A fun plant to grow with kids.  Grow in full sun, in fertile, well drained soil.

  • PLANT: German Winter Thyme


    This hardy perennial has strongly flavoured leaves perfect for seasoning meats, soups and sauces.  It’s a good candidate for your kichen herb garden!  And once established, thyme requires little watering and fertilizing.  Plant in full sun.  Grows to 8-12 inches tall. (grown in organic soil from 2 leaf stage (baby plant)-started in non-organic soil)

  • PLANT: Hot Pepper-Orange Habanero


    Not for the faint of heart!  These little fire bombs rank 100,000 to 350,00 SHU’s on the scoville heat scale.  Habanero peppers start out lime green, then ripen to fiery orange, then to red.  They require lots of heat, and take a little longer to mature than most other peppers at 90-100 days from transplant.  Plant in full sun, in well drained, fertile soil.   Do not plant with brassicas, beans, or fennel

  • PLANT: Tomato- Sicilian Saucer


    This tomato may be the secret to great pasta sauce! It’s an  heirloom variety, originally from Sicily.  The large, meaty beaf-steak like tomatoes can grow to the size of a small plate.  So if you are into huge veggies, this variety might be for you. . .