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The weekly vegbox from your local farmers

Want to join our veggie box program and get to know the story behind your food??

Hop on the waiting list for our spring 2022 veggie box program. We’ll help you decide if our program is a fit for you (before you pay for it!) and you’ll get first dibs when registration opens in 2022!

You shouldn’t have to miss out on eating well just because you’re busy.

With our Veggie Box Program you’ll get fresh, tasty vegetables from our farm and other local farmers delivered to your door.  So you can stop feeling guilty, and instead open your door to a bag packed full of lush veggies which you can enjoy in a simply delicious meal.

(NOTE: There will be a combo of fresh and storage veggies in the spring)

Feel good about your food with our veggie box program.

Support Local

All of the veggies available in our program are either grown right here on our farm (just outside New Hamburg), or from another local farmer.

Save Time

Spend less time at the grocery store. Our veggies will come right to your door. And you can shop our online store from the comfort of your home!

You Need a Convenient Way to Support Local and Eat Healthy.

We get that, and we’re here to help. Over 100 member households have benefited from our Veggie Box Program. Here’s what our members say about our Spring/Summer program:

They are SO fresh!
I look forward to ordering day every week to see what new veggies are available! They are SO fresh! I’ve never had salad greens stay green so long in the fridge.
I never knew veggies could taste this good!
The quality of the produce was outstanding. I never knew veggies could taste this good. It is also great that you pick what you want in your box.

Here’s How It Works:

Choose Your Box Option

We’ve got 3 veggie box sizes-so you’ll be able to choose a size to fit your needs.

Make Your Picks.

Each week, you’ll get to choose which veggies come in your bag. That way you don’t have to get kale if you don’t want to! Of course, selection will be limited to what we’re harvesting and what is in season. . .so don’t expect tomatoes in May (we don’t have a heated greenhouse).

From our farm, to your door.

When you buy our Veggie Box Membership, you’re supporting our farm and other local farmers. Here are some pics from our farm:

Meet Farmers Linda and Kendra.

Hi! We’re a mother-daughter team and chief veggie growers here at Green Hart.

We know that you want to feel good about the food you eat.  And in order to do that, you need a convenient way to eat healthy, locally grown food.  The problem is that you’re simply too busy to shop at the market, which makes you feel just a bit guilty.

We get that! And we believe that eating well shouldn’t take extra time- which is why we’ve helped over 100 households with our veggie box program.

Got questions? Here are some answers:

Just leave a cooler (or a rubbermaid tub with ice and a towel) out on your porch/by your door/ etc.  And add a note to your order letting the delivery folks know where it is (there’s a box for special notes on the checkout page).   Please note that we cannot be responsible for your veggies after they are delivered.

Our planned first delivery is the week of May 18, 2022. Our program runs for 16 weeks.

Not a problem! You absolutely can skip a week. Just let us know at least 1 week in advance (or 2, if possible). We’ll make sure that we have extra veggies for you in the future. Alternately, you could arrange for a friend to take your veggies for a week. If your friend is in our delivery area, we could even deliver to their door. Just contact us ahead of time ( :

Our spring/summer veggie box program is 16 weeks long, so you’ll get 16 weekly deliveries or 8 biweekly deliveries.

We deliver to Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford, Cambridge, Baden and New Hamburg. If you live somewhere in between, please send us an email at We may still be able to deliver to you, otherwise you are welcome to pick up at the farm on our farm pick-up days.

Still have questions? Email us at