Get The Most Out Of Your Chard

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How to Store Your Swiss Chard or Spinach-Chard

Avoid washing Swiss chard prior to storage. Exposure to water encourages spoilage. If it does get wet,

remove as much dampness as possible. Then, if you wish to store it awhile, put it into a clean plastic bag and wrap the bag tightly around the chard to remove as much air as possible. It can be stored this way in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. (If you’ve picked up Spinach-Chard from Green Hart Farms, just take advantage of the resealable zipper bag, by gently pressing out all the air you can and reclosing the zipper before putting the bag in your refrigerator. Avoid letting it sit in a hot vehicle without being in a cool cooler, as this will cause it to loose freshness much faster)

Things You Can Do With Swiss Chard

  • Large batches of Swiss chard can be blanched (lightly boiled in water), drained of excess water and put into freezer bags for freezing for longer term storage.
  • Cooked Swiss chard can be combined with cooked penne or elbow pasta, along with a little lemon juice, a bit of sauteed garlic and tossed to mix for an easy to prepare dish that goes well with beef steak or barbecued pork chops right off the grill. Add a quick tossed salad and some roasted or boiled new crop potatoes to round out the meal.
  • Try adding a little boiled Swiss chard to omelets and frittatas for extra nutrition and a lttle zest.
  • It also works very well in, place of or in addition to spinach, in lasagna, with or without meat.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy to prepare why not try Easy Cheesey Chard? It won’t take you long.

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