Spinach- What to look for


    What to Look For

    When Buying Spinach

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Fresh local spinach is most available in spring and fall. It becomes little harder to find after the heat of summer has really set in as it is a cool weather crop that is very sensitive to excessive heat. Here’s what you want to look for:

  • fresh and crisp looking rather than wilted
  • green in colour rather than yellowed and very pale
  • if uncooked and has never been frozen it should not be mushy as this indicates decay
  • spinach grown with minimal pesticide exposure. On the Environmental Working Group’s 2015 Dirty Dozen list, spinach is ranked at number seven. This means that spinach you come across may have been exposed to high levels of pesticides. Sourcing spinach grown without the use of these chemical products can reduce your overall exposure. At Green Hart Farms we do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on the spinach we grow.

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