3 Great Reasons To Buy Local Food

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3 Great Reasons To Buy Local Food

You’ve probably heard lots about buying local.  But what’s the big deal?  Why does it matter?  Well, we did some thinking and research, and here are the top three really good reasons we found:

1. Food Security

In today’s world of international political disagreements, trade embargos, power outages, and incredibly nasty weather events (think droughts in California, hailstorms, tsunamis. . .), it’s very, very important to have a locally contained food system in place. When trouble strikes, it’s too late to try to build it then. We need to have the necessary industry (farmers) and infrastructure (processors, retailers, storage facilities) in place beforehand in order to feed ourselves, our families, and our communities

Often food from faraway places such as Chile, China, Mexico, and California is cheaper or more available in our grocery stores than food that’s grown right here. But when we choose strawberries from California over Ontario strawberries in June, we are actually eroding our future food security.

When we buy local food, we’re contributing to the viability of local farmers. It’s like setting up an insurance policy for the future.


2. Freshness and Nutrient Value

Locally grown food has not travelled thousands of miles before reaching your dinner plate (it wouldn’t be local then, would it!). The longer and farther foods travel, the more nutrients are lost. And we need all the nutrients we can get!

Improper nutrition can lead to all sorts of health issues, and it can leave us feeling lousy.  So why not make the choice to get the most nutritious food available?



3. Creating jobs locally

According to Statistics Canada, 68,500 Ontarians are employed in agriculture! And that’s not counting spinoffs like retail positions and processing jobs.

When we buy local food, we support job creation right here in our communities.


There are other reasons to buy local, but these came out on top. . .Afterall, food security, health, and local jobs are very important.  If you’d like to add your own reasons for buying local, you are more than welcome to write them in the comment box below.   

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