Kitchen Tool Checklist

Do you have these in your kitchen?? This is a list of basic kitchen tools that we recommend having to help you turn your veggies into delicious meals.

  • A salad spinner– makes washing salad greens a breeze.
  • A Colander- for draining washed veggies, and pasta
  • A box shredder– for shredding all kinds of things- handy for salads and slaws
  • A blender/food processor– A must for pestos, smoothies and pureed soups
  • Basic set of pots and pans with lids.
  • Basic set of kitchen utensils (slotted spoon, spatula, etc)
  • Cookie sheets– for roasting veggies and making sheet pan meals
  • A veggie brush– for washing root veggies
  • At least one good knife (well balanced, sharp, and comfortable to hold)- for chopping veggies. Or even better, a quality set of knives.
  • A knife sharpening tool- a sharp knife makes meal prep much easier
  • A casserole dish
  • Freezer bags or containers– for freezing veggies
  • Food storage containers– for left overs and making meals ahead
  • A cutting mat or cutting board
  • Measuring spoons– for measuring out ingredients
  • A peeler– for peeling vegetables
  • a salad bowl

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