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Simple Routine To Get More From Your Veggie Box

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Veggie BoxYour box of fresh goodies arrives on a schedule, usually the same day each week (or every other week). You’ll want to have used or put into longer term storage the goods from the previous box by then.


In our Hart Share Veggie Box program, you choose what goes in the box each week, so there is an ordering deadline you’ll want to meet to ensure you get your favourites.


Be sure to note these times and days on your weekly schedule. It gives you some structure to build your weekly routine.


And part of this routine will be meal planning. It’s not that hard and twenty minutes a week on this one little task can make your life less stressful… especially when you have children to get off to school… a job to go to… meals to get on the table and… so much more.


We get it, life is busy, so busy… that planning really pays off.


It’ll help you to be in control as you get the most value from your weekly box of veggies delivered fresh from the farm.


Here are Seven Tips to help you plan your weeks:

  1. Consider themed days. – Ever hear of meatless Mondays? How about Italian Tuesdays? Or Slow Cooker Friday… the possibilities are endless… just choose themes that fit your tastes and schedule. It’s simply a way to focus that makes meal planning easy.
  2. If you’re busy most days with little time to prepare meals, consider scheduling a cooking session to prepare meals ahead for several days. And gather recipes that work for this. Many recipes work well for freezing in serving portions for weeks later. Others can be wonderful time-savers, if you double the recipe and plan for the leftovers.
  3. Plan to prepare larger quantities of recipes that work well as leftovers the next day. You can prepare for two or more nutritious meals with very little extra time and effort… and the same amount of cleanup.
  4. Be a list maker. Make a list of ingredients for the meals you have planned and be sure to have your list of products you want in your veggie box ready for the deadline. That way when ordering opens, you’re prepared. Simply go online and make your selections and complete your order.
  5. Watch for the weekly updates in your inbox – Sometimes we’re able to include some surprises. And at times there may be a crop that doesn’t work out quite as planned. The updates will tell you of possible substitutions that will be offered. And you’ll be able to see how the veggies are growing week by week and be informed of changes to the projected harvest times as the season progresses.
  6. Implement your plan. Commit to your weekly routine. Take a few minutes each week to reflect on what worked really well. Tweak a bit. Repeat. It gets easier and so does healthy eating.
  7. Know what you’ve got planned before you shop. It’s easier to stay on track and on budget when you’ve got a plan and you follow it. You can reduce waste by having a clear workable plan and targeting your time and money to making it happen.

And here’s some help to get you started with your plan… an introduction to four ways you can organize your recipe collection

so you can save time and energy each week.

Pick one.  Put it to use. You’ll love the feeling of being organized and in control.

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