Canada’s Agriculture Day 2018

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February 13 is Canada’s Ag Day 2018!  What does that mean?  It’s a chance to celebrate everyone who works hard to grow our food.  It’s also a chance to visit a farm open house, watch some farm videos, take a virtual farm tour or attend an event.   And learn more about all the great things happening in Canadian Agriculture! 


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Watch A Video!

Meet a Farmer- The Kennedy Family
See what it’s like inside a chicken barn, and how the Kennedy family cares for their birds.

Meet a Grain Farmer

This video introduces you to Valerie and her mom Sharon. Hear from Valerie about her family’s long history in farming and why she loves being a farmer.

Click here to watch

See Multiple Farms!

Click the link below to watch several videos about many different farms.  The sound is a bit off at times, but it’s still a great series.

Click Here

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Go to an Event!

Canada’s Agriculture Day Ottawa

Let’s celebrate the food we love! Take in an all-day event for Canada’s Agriculture Day in Ottawa on February 13, 2018.  Click here for more info.

Homestead Organics tours – Have a peek into our Organic Facility

HOMESTEAD ORGANICS is a certified organic company offering delicious stone ground flours but also feeds, grains and seeds.
On February 13th, they will offer 2 FREE TOURS (one at 10 AM and another one at 2 PM) at their locations in Sebringville and Morrisburg (Ontario).
***The places are limited, so they recommend you to reserve your spot by sending an email to
1 – 50 attendees
Morrisburg, ON and Sebringville, ON
February 13, 2018

UC Ag Day by UoG Food Talk

#UoGFoodTalk continues their goal to spark positive conversation about food production at the 2nd annual UC Ag Day! They will have representatives from many different aspects of the ag industry there to educate University of Guelph students, staff, and community members. This is a casual event held in the University Centre Courtyard, with prizes, a Photobooth, and lots of AgVocating!
> 100 attendees
Guelph, ON
February 13, 2018
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Take a Virtual Farm Tour!

See inside different farms- without leaving your home! These 360 degree tours let you see barns and pastures from all angles.

Click here

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