Tomato Seedling

Seeds to start indoors in March

Are you just itching to get those hands back in the dirt??

Well here are some seeds that you can plant indoors to satisfy the gardening itch while you wait for the snow to melt.

  • Herbs (Oregano, Sorrel, Thyme, Rosemary)
    • These and many other herbs can be started indoors in late February/early March. Some herbs take a long time to germinate, so starting them ahead of time can give you a real jump start.
  • Peppers
    • Sweet and hot peppers can be started early-mid March. In zone 5 (Most of SW Ontario) you’ll have to start peppers ahead in order to have a harvest before frost.
  • Tomatoes
    • Start indoors mid-late March- like peppers, you’ll want to start them ahead for a harvest (in zone 5)
  • Eggplant
    • Same as peppers- start early-mid March
  • Brassicas (Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale, Brussels Sprouts)
    • These can do just fine direct seeded outside when it warms up. However, if you really want to start harvesting earlier, you can start them indoors in late March
  • Flowers (Viola, Pansy)
    • Some flowers should be started indoors in late February (check the seed package). Violas and Pansies can be started indoors in early March for May blooms.
  • Leeks and Onions
    • Start long season leeks indoors in early-mid March.
    • For larger onions, start them indoors in early March.

Happy planting!

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