What’s Komatsuna?

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We started offering this lovely green a few weeks ago. It’s new to us and our Hartshare Veggie Box Program.

Komatsuna PictureKomatsuna packs the nutrition of mustard together with a mild sweet flavour that hints of spinach… yet it’s mild and tender.

It’s sometimes called “Japanese Mustard Spinach”, so you may have heard of it. It’s
member of the Brassica family and close relative of napa cabbage, mizuna and turnip.
Although, not as well known in Canada, it is commercially grown in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

It gets its name from the Komatsugawa district of Tokyo which, in 2004, was the second largest Komatsuna producing region in the world.


Here’s What You Can Do With Komatsuna


First, be warned: Komatsuna tends to get a little droopy quickly after harvest, but don’t let the appearance fool you!

This dark green leafy green is a delicious addition to salads, and also works well cooked.
You can simply chop up the leaves and stems and add to omelettes or mix it in with scrambled eggs

It makes a good nutritious substitute for
• spinach
• bok choy
• and napa cabbage

Here are a few of the ways you can use it

• add to pasta
• add it to stir fry
• spice it up and saute any way you like
• salads
• raw, gently steamed or cooked
• try it seasoned with ginger, garlic, onions, leeks, bacon, ham and smoked meats
• or try one of our simple recipes to get started.

Komatsuna Recipe Links

Komatsuna Soup

Komatsuna-Beef Stir Fry

Why Komatsuna?

It’s packed with health benefits. A little digging online, reveals that it contains

• sulforaphane, a substance that kills cancer cells
• glocusoinate, which inhibits the growth of certain enzymes that are associated with cancer development
• almost twice as much calcium as 100g of milk, making it good for supporting bone health
• more than 3 times the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, which helps the body absorb iron and ensures proper blood clotting and helps to prevent inflammation
• vitamin C to help wounds heal faster and keep connective tissues healthy
• beta-carotene to protect our eyesight
• as well as lutein and zeaxanthin which help to prevent macular degeneration, an age-related vision disorder

Komatsuna has quickly become a new favourite around our house. We invite you to give it a try… you just might like it too.

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